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I saw two sequels this week. While I had cheap fun at Independence Day: Resurgence (sometimes at its expense), I flat-out loved The Conjuring 2. Let me try to articulate my happiness. No spoilers, because I want you to see this.

So we saw Independence Day: Resurgence. Some spoilery thoughts follow.

Nature's Fury_Jaws

If Moby-Dick is the biggest literary influence on Stephen Spielberg’s Jaws (apart fromĀ the novel on which it was based), its primary cinematic touchstone is Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954). JawsĀ references CreatureĀ by recreating a number of shots from the underwater ballet sequence in the opening scene, andĀ by strongly echoing the earlier film’s score in its own. All this being said, JawsĀ also has points in common with 1957’s The Monster That Challenged the World. I’m hesitant to posit a direct influence (though as we’ll see, there is at least one moment that is pretty strikingly similar). Rather, I’ll say that MonsterĀ taps into the same primal fear as JawsĀ and Creature, and does so quite effectively. (more…)