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Been meaning to get this brief musing down for a while. Some time ago, around the time I had a rewatch of Hammer’s The Abominable Snowman, Steve Sullivan and I were chatting about the fact that in this, and just about any other Yeti/Sasquatch/Bigfoot (YSB) film, the monster is barely seen. This is true even of the over-the-top gorefest of Night of the Demon. The exceptions I can think of are invariable lighter fare — Harry and the Hendersons, Bigfoot in The Six Million Dollar Man (where he turns out to be an alien cyborg, because why not), and Wookies (of course they’re Sasquatches — Star Wars, a textbook example of postmodern bricolage, is so utterly chockablock with bits and pieces of pop culture that it would actually have been surprising if, coming out in the 70s, that high-point of cryptid mania, it didn’t have a Sasquatch in it).