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I know. I know. I’ve fallen way behind in updating this page. So click on the links above to get to all my work with Aconyte and Black Library. The links below should still work too.

Warhammer 40,000

chains-of-golgotha           mephiston           Death-of-Antagonis     Yarrick-Imperial-Creed Overfiend  Damnation-of-Pythos  Maledictus YarrickPyresArmageddonEbook SonsofTitanEbook unburdoned-ebook Lemartes_coverCurse-Wulfen-Cover 2 Last-Wall hunt for vulkanimg_0121



The Jen Blaylock thrillers:





“The Conversion.” in       Kaiju-Rising-Age-of-Monsters-small


“The Traveller.” in            Mark-of-Calth-A5-HB

“The Vorago Fastness.” in 

“The Carrion Anthem.” in   

Evil Eye (eShort)

Lure.” Dead But Dreaming 2. Ed. Kevin Ross. Miskatonic River Press, 2011. 177-86. Print.

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Contest.” can(N)on 2 (1990): 41-4. Print.


The Smiling Crematorium. Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe Festivals, Summer 2003.

Phantom Limb. Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe Festivals, Summer 2002.

Hammer of Witches. Edmonton Fringe Festival, August 2001.

The Switchblade Oratorio. Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe Festivals, Summer 2000.

Revulsion. Edmonton Fringe Festival, August 1998.

Alpha Male. Edmonton Fringe Festival, August 1996. Remounted by the Black Hole Theatre Company, University of Manitoba, January 2000.

The Real Thing, or, How You Gonna Keep ‘em Down on the Farm After They’ve Read Lacan. Write On the Edge Cabaret, Catalyst Theatre, 1995.

Vivisect. Write On the Edge Cabaret, Catalyst Theatre, 1994.


Rabelais Meets Vogue: Lady Gaga’s Construction of Carnival, Beauty and the Grotesque.” Performance and Identity: The Music of Lady Gaga. Ed. Richard Gray. Forthcoming.

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  1. […] out David’s books here. (I’d list them all with pictures but he’s written a lot…. so I figure you can […]

  2. Blackhart says:

    G’day David, ever thought about writing a novel or series about Canoness Setheno? She is an amazing character with an interesting history. I would love to read about her.

    • Thanks! I’ve been really gratified by the reactions she’s been getting, and I would certainly jump at the chance to give her a starring role. That doesn’t seem too likely for now, as there are all sorts of other things Black Library has asked me to work on, but one never knows what the future might hold.

  3. Blackhart says:

    Well as long as you keep writing them I will keep reading them. Setheno is by far my favourite 40K character. I have read most of your work, “The Death Of Antagonis” was fantastic. Congratulations on your efforts so far. I hope I will cross paths with Setheno in the future.

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